Blå Flag

The Fishermens House


The Fishermens House is an aquarium and a museum containing exhibits on Hvide Sande, Holmsland Dune and the North Sea.

What is special about this particular Blue Flag Center?
The Fishermens House is situated between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord.
We exhibit live Danish fish from the area.
More than 40,000 Danish and foreign guests visit us every year.
Information in the house is subtitled in English, Danish and German.

Drive on the main road through Hvide Sande. At the roundabout, north of the river gate, turn east directly into a parking area where the Fishermens House lies. Its is a  big red wooden building. The center is open all year 10-16. There is also a Post Office and Tourist agency in the same building.

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