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The Øhavscenter

Øhavscenter - Faaborg municipality

At the Øhavscenter children can catch crabs from the floating part of the station, pet fish and experience the biggest saltwater aquarium in the southern part of Fyn. Here it is possible to spot the difference between a flounder and a plaice. Maybe you will discover the lumpfish attached to stones at the bottom of the aquarium. Both herring, cod and many other fish are present in the aquarium.

In the opening hours of the Øhavscenter a member of the Faaborg amateur fishing association will be present. They will provide you with knowledge on fishing in the archipelago and stories on their greatest catch!  

The center is open from 13pm-16pm in summer and autumn holiday.

Øhavscenter, Munkholm 4, 5600 Faaborg, tlf. 20167437.


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