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NORTHSEALIVING Blue Flag Center in Thyborøn is providing af glimpse into the life of the North Sea  through fun, play, learning and experiences.

With wind, weather, sand and water you can see how the landscape of Thyboron is constantly changing - and why we have learned to protect the coastline. Thyboron sandy beaches and glittering waves invite you to play and have fun. The North Sea coast is a wonderful playground but the sea demands respect.

NORTHSEALIVING is a range of experiences that are just waiting to be unfolded. There is  something for everyone and for all ages. You can play with the elements of nature and explore the past.

Throughout the summer NORTHSEALIVING Blue Flag Center invites you on guided tour of the area. Here, local enthusiasts will make sure you get a glimpse of the life in the nature and sea and maybe you will get a to chat with some locals on the way. All trips startes from the Coastal center on Coastal Centervej in Thyborøn.

Thyboron is located on the west coast. With its special geographic location in the middle of the water and its fishing history, the area is different than many other places in Denmark. 

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