Blå Flag

Havnsø Marina Blue Flag Center

The Blue Flag station is open weekdays 10-16. Loans of nets, crab-catchers, underwater binoculars etc. are availible.
Activities are planned according to the weather. We focus on crabs, animals in the harbor, fishing, the life in shallow water as well as eels and bonfires. There are daily activities for families with children between 13.00pm to 15.00pm. 
The purpose of the Blue Flag Center is to give interested parties an understanding of marine ecology in the context of human behavior.

BFC Havnsø 460 x 214

The Center is situated at the charming Havnsø Marina with an active boatyard and with the 2 island ferries to Nekselø and Sejerø as a neighbor. The center is situated next to the ferry office. Public restrooms are located in the same building. 
About Havnsø Marina
With approx. 250 sailboats and many visiting sailors, there is always something to look at when you are at the marina. Both great beaches and restaurants are available near the Havnsø Marina Blue Flag Center - and if you are looking for a treat, stop by the popular Havnsø icecream shop!

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