Blå Flag

Fjord og Bælt Blue Flag Center


Fjord & Belt Blue Flag Center is an aquarium with plants and animals from the Great Belt and Kerteminde Fjord. You can get close to both porcupine and seals and during the daily feedings you can hear about the life of the porcupines and seals and about the research taking place around the animals at the Fjord & Belt.
At the center there are several outdoor and indoor pools, where you can study and touch crabs, starfish and fish. There are daily activities in the center and the nature that surrounds it. You may find yourself on snorkelling in the Great Belt or experience the marina environment and Kerteminde Fjord on a boat trip.
There are daily activities during holidays and during the season from June to September. You can get to snorkel in Kerteminde bay with a nature guide - the center has the equipment.

The center also offers trips to the beach with push net and nets, snorkel tours and boat trips.   

The center has a nature guide, as well as 2 additional facilitators and are
open from mid February to 1st of December.
Kerteminde marina

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