Blå Flag

Fjellerup Nature Center

BFC Fjellerup 460 x 214

Fjellerup Nature Center has nature on the coast and life in the water, as the main theme of the exhibition. Feel free to ask questions of staff or just go and look.
It's free and there are no access restrictions, you can visit us as many times as you want. Children of all ages are welcome, but please bear in mind that the center is not a childcare center.
Aquarium Exhibition animal and plant life. The skeleton of the whale that drove onto Gjerrild Nordstrand and a beach exhibition gives insight into the beach findings.
Children can touch a fish in our touch pool. You can lend nets and buckets to catch small animals. Just outside the center there is access to East Jutlands best children's beach. The Blue Flag Center also organizes many public tours.
We have the latest monitoring results for the bathing water and measure the temperature of the bathing water every day. The center is staffed with a great team who would assist with determining beach findings and to help catch small animals with our gear at the center.
Throughout the summer we have many public events. Go and check out our website.

North coast of Jutland, Fjellerup beach Klitvej 5
next to the glassblower.

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