Blå Flag

Safe by the water


Every year a lot of people visit Danish beaches. The sea will attract you but it can also be dangerous. A Blue Flag beach takes care of your safety, and if you follow the 5 bathing rules from Trygfonden, it will also be safer for everyone else on the beach.

5 bathing rules:
1. Learn to swim
2. Never bathe alone
3. Learn to read the wind and water conditions
4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
5. Don't loose sight of children

 What safety
features are there on a Blue Flag beach?

The Blue Flag campaign has set some requirements for a beach safety facilities.
A Blue Flag beach must have an adequate number and functional safety equipment. There must be  first aid equipment and  an emergency phone on or near the beach. Some Blue Flag beaches also have lifeguards.
In case of pollution, toxic algae etc. you will be warned accordingly.

You can always see alle the Blue Flag beaches and marinas on the Blue Flag international site or the Blue Flag International Application for Iphone and android. 

Blue Flag

"Blue Flag works for you and your friend's safety on the beaches and in the marinas"

In case of an emergency

Use the  rescue equipment on the beach. Dial 112 on your mobile or on the beach emergency phone
Introduce yourself clearly and specify:

  • Where did the  accident happen.
  • Where are you calling from.
  • How many people are in need.
  • What is the situation, is the person in need of assistance  in the water or on the beach?



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