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About Blue Flag


The Blue Flag eco-label is a global programme working towards a sustainable environment on beaches and marinas all over the world.

The Blue Flag eco-label is represented in 46 countries across Europe and the rest of the world. In Denmark the Blue Flag Programme is run by the "Danish Outdoor Council" (Friluftsrådet).

Blue Flag is about more than clean water.        

  • We are working for the environmental protection of our sea and coastlines
  • Blue Flag organizes a lot of great experiences and adventures on the beach and in marinas. Our focus is on safety. On the beach the safety of the beach users. In the marinas, the safety of guests and members.
  • Blue Flag beaches and marinas offer you different activities, which gives you great and enjoyable experiences. You will also learn how to be responsible and protect nature.

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Blue Flag

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  • Safety
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